Visit the virtual viewing

When it suits you

Want to visit your new office in the middle of the night or any other point of time that suits you? And bring 1000 of your colleagues? Do you want to see how the office looks with new furniture before you make your decision? No problem! We offer virtual reality-viewings or 360-projections on several available objects, so that you can get a better understanding of the office without physically visiting it.

The next step in our virtual world is to add augmented reality (AR) to both our clients and prospects. AR will enable the possibility for our client to refurbish, change the construction plan or design and see the result on their computer.
Good for you, great the environment and the economy. And just another example of what we call the Novi effect.

”To offer VR-viewing of our objects is a way to save prospects both time and money. A good example of what we call the Novi effect.”

Fredrik Lindén, head of leasing at Novi.

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