Sustainable recycling

The best sustainability initiatives are the ones that actually becomes a reality. That’s why we wanted to make it easier for our tenant to properly sort the waste at work. By moving the bins from the garbage rooms up into the actual workspace, it’s now not only easier to sort the waste but we also freed a lot of space that can be used for parking bikes.

Sustainable recycling is about taking responsibility for mankind and the environment through smart solutions. For us, that means finding new ways of working together, that is both good for society as well as our customers business. We are convinced that it is possible to combine effective sustainability initiatives with financial gain and well-being in the workplace. An example of that is our new collaboration with Office Recycling.

“We want to offer solutions that are good for everyone involved. To be able to create a sustainable society, we need to think and act together.”

Together with Office Recyling, we created attractive recycling bins designed for the modern office. The containers are placed in the offices which makes it easy to sort, tenants do not have to go all the way garbage rooms and the waste is collected by Office Recycling straight from the workplace with environmentally friendly transports.

Trough the new recycling system, we expect to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by 48 tonnes per year, which roughly translates into 126 flights from Stockholm to London. Or all the energy production it takes to keep a video game running for 2319 years.

We all need to contribute to be able to build a sustainable society. Future initiatives of ours may be to offer our customers green electricity and environmentally friendly office cleaning. Responsible property management is something that everybody benefits form – and that is what we call the Novi effect.

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