Nordier Property Advisors and Novi Real Estate form new Swedish real estate advisor

Nordier Property Advisors and Novi Real Estate form new Swedish real estate advisor


Nordier Property Advisors and Novi Real Estate have decided to jointly form a new leading Swedish property advisor with specialist expertise in transaction, valuation, leasing, development and property management. The operations are gathe red under the name Novier, which will have a total of approximately 100 employees, annual income of approximately SEK 150 million and offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. The largest owners after the merger are Gullringsbo Egendomar, ABG Sundal Collier , Manacor Group and Tranviks Udde as well as operating partners. The CEO of the new company will be Marie Bucht Toresäter.


Nordier’s and Novi’s operations have grown rapidly in recent years with assignments all around Sweden in various areas of property consulting. The companies thus complement each other’s offers well and together get broader geographical coverage. The operations are characterized by strong local roots with clear proximity to the customer and the business . With several specialis t competencies gathered under the same roof, there will be opportunities for cross fertilization and an increased flow of assignments.

The goal is to build a larger and stronger Swedish owned property advisor with the same professional and personal focus as Nordier and Novi stand for today. The assessment is that there are good
opportunities to continue to grow in the Swedish market with more colleagues and customer assignments in all of the companies’ business areas.

The CEO of the new property advisor will be Marie Bucht Toresäter, the current CEO of Novi Real Estate and with many years of experience from leading positions in the property sector at Newsec, Skanska and NCC, among others.


Marie Bucht Toresäter, CEO of Novi Real Estate
“Nordier and Novi share the same values and growth ambitions as well as complement each other. We see this as a perfect match where we together want to create Sweden’s most professional and personal property advis or. With a broader spectr um of specialist areas, we will be able to offer even more opportunities for both customers and employees. I am really looking forward to leading and developing Novier together with our competent and committed employees.”


Andreas Eneskjöld, founder of Nordier Property Group
“Nordier and Novi are two companies with the same focus on high quality, innovation and commitment to the customer’s business. We take this with us as we are now build ing one of the largest Swedish owned property advisors . The combination of long term institutional and operational owners provides a stable platform for Novier to grow from.”


The new ownership structure consists of Swedish investors with a clear focus on the real estate sector and company development with Gullringsbo Egendomar, ABG Sundal Collier, Manacor Group and Tranviks Udde as well as operating partners as the largest owners. Coordination of the operations is planned to take place during the first quarter of 2022. There will be no personnel changes and existing customer assignments will proceed according to plan with the same team s and contact persons. Novier will have offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.



Marie Buch Toresäter, CEO of Novi Real Estate AB

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About Nordier Property Advisors
Since the start in 2008, Nordier’s starting point has been the same – what is best for the customer and the deal. That, combined with straightforward dialogue and high frequency, creates results. We are agile, always working in tight teams with a strong focus on the business. Today, Nordier is a national consulting company with approximately 35 employees and has offices in Stockholm and Malmö. We offer advice in Transaction, Valuation and Leasing & Development. Read more at


About Novi Real Estate

Novi Real Estate offers services in external property management and is a long-term and competitive player in the management market. With stable and financially strong owners, we add competence and knowledge to the industry. Our owners and partners have extensive experience of developing assignments, organizations and companies. Novi currently has around 60 employees with headquarters on Blasieholmen in central Stockholm and regional office in central Gothenburg. Read more at

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