GRESB – Novi second best in the Nordics

GRESB – Novi is #2 in the Nordic countries and rewarded a “Green Star” in our category.

When the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) presented the global assembling of the real estate industry’s sustainability work for 2018, Novi’s management of SEB Trygg Liv’s property portfolio was announced as second best in the Nordic region and rewarded “Green Star” in the category.


“Since taking over the administration, we have focused heavily on sustainability issues and it is incredibly gratifying to see such significant improvements in all sectors and a total increase of 23 units,” says Henrik Forsberg, Head of Technology & Projects.

“Impressive improvement by Novi Real Estate (+23), as other Swedish participants improved their score by an average of +7.3p, while all Europeans have done so with +5.8” says a representative from Associate Management at GRESB, Amsterdam.

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