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At Novi, we would like to share our partners with you. Here, you will find companies that all have one thing in common, they are extremely good at what they do, while providing high-quality service.

Office Recycling offers tomorrow’s recycling today. A successful recipe for increasing the customer’s level of recycling by up to 50% combined with fossil-free transport and the best service in the market.

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Asedo provides personal service and also offers IT consultation. Their range of services is tailored to suit small and medium-sized businesses and covers everything from a competitively priced internet connection to complete IT solutions.

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Hustomtar Facility Service AB  was established in 2004 and is a service company that operates throughout the entire Greater Stockholm area. We are a very dynamic company with tremendous capacity. This is what makes us strong, and we rarely have to turn down a job because of a lack of expertise.

In collaboration with Novi, we can now offer new and existing tenants help with a variety of services in their own premises.

Examples of some of the jobs we carry out:

  • Tightening loose handles
  • Adjusting doors
  • Purchasing and replacing light sources
  • Putting up pictures, whiteboards and TV screens.
  • Assembling furniture

No job is too big or too small for us.

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Inspira manages the cleaning of public spaces in Novi properties. This means that we are on site at the properties every day and are very familiar with them, which provides added value for tenants if they choose to use Inspira for one or more services on their premises. Together with Novi, we have put together a tailor-made offer that is simple and competitively priced, especially for tenants in Novi properties.

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Elkraftkoncernen is an experienced electricity supplier that is very familiar with both the technical and financial developments in the market. In addition to supplying green electricity Elkraft Sverige also offers a number of technical and administrative services to help you achieve efficient energy usage.

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