About Novi Real Estate

What do we do?

Novi Real Estate offers external property management services.

Our ownership is stable and financially healthy, and we bring competence and knowledge to the field. Our ambition is to develop Novi into a long-term, competitive player in the property management market. Our owners and partners have considerable experience of developing projects, organisations and companies. That gives us a stable platform.

Why do we do it?

Novi is passionate about developing businesses, companies and properties. We want to change an industry that needs changing. That requires bravery and a thirst for knowledge, qualities which characterise the owners, management and staff of Novi.

Where does the name ‘Novi’ come from?

‘When we started discussing a name, we considered a number of key concepts which are central to our work: entrepreneurship, a strong will and the courage and willingness to develop. Novi is Latin for ‘new’, and that suits us. We want to be innovative and creative. Our logo also represents creativity – it’s a symbol for the fact that we don’t just follow the well-trodden path, we can and dare to break new ground.’

The Novi effect!

We are the property management company who does things a bit differently. By creating solutions based on the needs of our client and customers, we find new and innovative ways to manage our properties.


Number of properties 90 pc
Number of tenants ca 1100 pc
Number of commerical lease ca 2000 pc
Number of apartments ca 1100 pc
LOA/BOA (excl. garage) ca 640 000 sq. meters

Distribution area/region

  • Stockholm
  • Gothenburg
  • Malmö
  • Stockholm other
  • Rest of Sweden

Distribution area/region Stockholm Gothenburg Malmö Other Sthlm Rest of Sweden Distribution area/segment

  • Housing
  • Store
  • Office
  • Others
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